Grade 3

Third Grade

Mrs. Lafountain -; 594-3986 ext. 7044
Ms. Peck -; 594-3986 ext. 7064
Mrs. Rabideau -; 594-3986 ext. 7068
Mrs. Whelden -; 594-3986 ext. 7084

Expected Behavior/Rules

1-Be Respectful
2-Be Responsible
3-Be Cooperative
4-Be Safe

If a student doesn't follow behavior expectations, he/she will record the number of the broken rule in the "Behavior Book".


1 number = warning
2-3 numbers = 5 minutes of recess owed
4-5 numbers = 10 minutes of recess owed
6 or more numbers = phone call home and/or behavioral referral.

Third Grade Homework Procedure


  • Assignments may be given nightly Monday through Friday
  • Homework must be written in the student’s agenda
  • Homework should not exceed 40 minutes for the average 3rd grader.  Students are usually given time within the school day to begin homework.


  • Students will receive a Missed Homework Assignment slip that must be signed by a parent indicating why the assignment was not completed.  The slip will be stapled in the student’s agenda.  Please do not remove the slip from the agenda.
  • The student will be asked to make up the assignment during recess.  When the student completes the assignment, he/she may then go to recess.  If the student does not complete the assignment during recess, it needs to be completed and turned in the following day. 
  • If a student receives five Missed Homework Assignment slips in a quarter, the parent will be notified and the student will be expected to stay for an after-school detention.

 Absentee Students:

  • Students are responsible for the work they have missed.  We will try to have the student make up their work some time during the school day, but if too much work is missed, some work may have to be completed at home.    


  • Homework will count for 15% of the student’s grade.
  • Ten points will be deducted for any late assignments.  If the assignment is not turned in the next day, the student will receive a zero and will still be responsible for completing the work.